Publié par : pintejp | mars 27, 2015

Hacking the Human Operating System

Recent technological developments, complemented by the increased use of and
reliance upon the Internet, offer unlimited new opportunities to facilitate our per

sonal and professional lives. Nonetheless, as technology continues to progress,
these improvements have also been widely exploited as a tool or infrastructure
for committing a wide range of criminal offences. There are numerous types of
crime committed daily on the Internet, facilitated by the Internet, or amplified via
the Internet that directly target vulnerable devices or trick victims into enabling
vulnerable features or exposing user credentials and other sensitive information.
The growing Internet penetration and the newly emerging technologies such
as the Internet of Things are also changing people’s behavior online and create
a broader attack surface, new attack vectors, and more points of entry, such as
through social engineering techniques, which was also a key finding of Europol’s
Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA) 2014


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