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Spotlight on Surveillance – October 2014 DRONES: Eyes in the Sky

EPIC’s Spotlight on Surveillance project explores the privacy and civil liberties implications of domestic drone use. The term “drone” describes any remotely controlled unmanned flying vehicle regardless of size, use, or on-board technology, from 15-ton Global Hawks used by the U.S. military to palm-sized rotary-wing vehicles used by hobbyists. Domestic use of drones by the government and private citizens has increased substantially in the past several years, with Congress requiring full integration of drones into the national airspace by late 2015. However, drone use remains substantially unregulated, with no privacy and civil liberties restrictions at the federal level and only a patchwork of laws at the state and local levels.

The Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) is currently the only federal government agency regulating the domestic use of drones. The agency’s primary focus is public safety because of risks arising from air-based collision with commercial aircraft as well as crashes and other risks to public safety. All non-recreational drone users—including government agencies and civilian organizations—must obtain certificates prior to flight. Use may include research, demonstration, training, and law enforcement activity. As detailed in this report, however, the FAA works to promote airspace safety and currently plays no role in regulating what technologies, including surveillance technologies, drones can carry or what operations drones can conduct.

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